Tire Warmers for Sports Car Racing
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Tire Warmers - Set of 4

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Benefits of tire warmers:

  • Set your temperatures hot.
  • No need to have a large predictive change between the tire cold and at the end of a session. 
  • No need to guess a starting pressure based on the current temperature of the tire (how long since the last session) and the ambient temperature.
  • Hit the track at speed.
  • Do not run the risk of spinning and ending up in a gravel trap because the cold tires were not up to temp and pressure yet.
  • Maximize your time on track.  If it takes 2 to 3 laps to bring a cold set of tires up to temperature this can be consuming as much as 25% of your session time.  Reclaim your expensive track time and have tires that are at full performance much faster.

Save heat cycles

When tires are heated and then cooled the rubber in the tires becomes progressively harder.  How much harder and how this affects the performace of the tire depends on the tires, but after a number of heat cycles the tire is no longer as fast as it was earlier in its life.  Using tire warmers helps to limit the number of heat cycles when the tire warmers are used between track sessions. If you have more than one track session in a day, it makes sense to save the heat cycle and keep the tires warm.


Our tire warmers feature:

·         Temperature Adjustable controllers with solid state micro-processor and digital display

·         See actual tire temperature while the warmer runs.

·         On controller box (with two readouts and controls) per side of car, so no messing around with 4 individual controls and plugs, just one per side of car.

·         Temperature set point is changed with a touch of a button. 

·         Set Temperature range is from 40 Degrees to 180 degrees

·         Use lower set temperature for saving heat cycles of tires

·         Use higher set temperature for preparing to go on track.

·         Offered in high visibility green so as not to mistakenly let the car down with the tire warmers attached.


What is included:

4 Tire Warmers

2 Digital Controllers (one controller per 2 tire warmer)

Side Covers (not an expensive option like with the competitors brands)


Color options are Green, Black, Orange, Blue, and Red

Demon Speed logo color will be black on any of the tire warmers other than black tire warmers where the logo color will be grey.  If you wish to have something special, please ask.


We carry stock in certain sizes of tire warmers and they are in the Demon Speed Green color.  Other than these sizes in the green color, manufacturing lead time for special order sizes or power requierments will be 2 to 3 weeks.


The sizes that we have in stock in the Demon Speed green are:

245 645 18 (9.6" wide, 80" circumfrance)

275 645 18 (10.8" wide, 80" circumfrance)

285 645 18 (11.2" wide, 80" circumfrance)

305 680 18 (12.0" wide, 84" circumfrance)

315 680 18 (12.4" wide, 84" circumfrance)

315 645 18 (12.4" wide, 80" circumfrance)

325 680 18 (12.8" wide, 84" circumfrance)

325 710 18 (12.8" wide, 88" circumfrance)


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