Tarett GT3 Front Lower Control Arm Conv w/ Litronic

Tarett GT3 Front Lower Control Arm Conv w/ Litronic

Price: $955.00
  • Item #: tar-LCA997FL
  • Manufacturer: Tarett
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This conversion kit contains everything need to convert your front or rear suspension to the two piece 996 GT3 lower control arm design.

By adding shims between the inner and outer control arm, you can adjust camber far beyond the capability of the stock suspension, for improved tire contact and better handling.

We’ve also designed a custom adaptor that allows the use of this kit on the front of the 997/987991/981 without needing to change to 996 trailing arms, for a savings of almost $400.

One kit is for either front or rear of your car (2 corners). All necessary hardware is included. Shims sold separately, 10mm provides about 1 deg additional negative camber.

Each kit Includes:

  • 2 GT3 Lower Control Arms
  • 2 GT3 Lower Inner Control Arm Inner Ends & Hardware
  • 1 or 2 Litronic Sensor Support & Matching 1mm Shim (With 997/987/991/981 Front Litronic Kit)

Optional items are: Monoball Bushing Ends Fixed or Adjustable Solid Thrust Arm Bushings Note: These are OEM Porsche GT3 control arms, designed and tested by Porsche factory engineers and proven over years of competition use. Beware of aftermarket kits that claim to be better and stronger than the OEM Porsche parts. As part of our commitment to customer safety, we only sell genuine Porsche factory control arms, as failure in this component would likely lead to catastrophic results.

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