Solid Rear Subframe Bushings - Porsche 996/997

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Solid Rear Subframe Bushings
Applications: Porsche 996 / 997 ALL

A Porsches rear subframe is the heart of the suspension. When the subframe moves, so do all the suspension mounting points. Replacing the stock rubber bushings with solid ones limits both drivetrain and suspension movement, eliminating the unwanted movement and keeping your Porsches setup the way it should be. These solid mounts will also help prevent the subframe from excessive movement during racing conditions.


CNC machined from high streght 2024 aluminum (twice the strength of 6061) and Stainless Steel for strength and lasting beauty, precision and quality. These solid subframe bushings fit all Porsche 996/997 models.

Sold as a kit of 12 pieces for all 6 mounting points..

-Eliminates Subframe Movement
-Lowers rear of car 12mm without affecting suspension geometry
-Made out of high strength 2024 Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel
-Street and track tested


Demon Speed Porsche GT3 Cup Car Sub-Frame Bushings - YouTube

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