Sach's Shock Valves - Replacement - Porsche GT3 Cup 996

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  • Item #: S-SV
  • Manufacturer: DSM
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Sach's Shock filler valves - The stock Sachs gas valaves on the end of the remove reservoir are made so that you can not fill, check, or adjust the gas pressure in the shocks.  The solution to this has been to install a long adaptor to the shock and leave it there.  The problem with this is that it makes it puts the valve on the shock much more at risk for damage because of this long adaptor attached to it.  Or, putting an o-ring in your shock tool which gets damaged after only a few uses.

Now you can fill and adjust your shocks at will without any add on.  These valves replace the factory valves and fit just like OEM.  They accept a standard gas valve and work great.  A simple solution to a long standing problem.

Price is for a set of 4

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