Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms Porsche 996/997 Dog Bones

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  • Item #: S-RDB6
  • Manufacturer: DSM
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Rear upper Adjustable Links - Dog Bones

Made from high strength 2024 Aluminum with 3-piece precision high strength Rod Ends with PTFE liners.

This product will add more structural rigidity to the rear of you car by eliminating the rubber bushings in the factory upper dog links.  These are designed after the upper dog links that Porsche used in the RSR and GT3 R.  They also provide adjustablility to help fully adjust your toe and track in the rear.

What separates our product from the competition is the use of stainless steel for the rod end bushings rather than plated carbon steel.  This provides a rust free and more attractive installation. This along with 2024 aluminum which is 2x the strength of the more common 6061 aluminum and the use of 14mm rod ends like the factory rather than the use of English sizes which your metric wrenches would not fit.




996 Cup 


996 GT3 

996 Turbo 


997 GT3 

997 Turbo




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