Rear Adjustable Toe Links 986 / 996 / 987 / 997

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Front Adjustable Toe Links


The advantage of the adjustable toe link on your street and track Porsche is that you are provided adjustability at the link rather than with an eccentric washer and bolt, as it is from the factory. The eccentric can slip under higher loads and is not as adjustable as the arm is.  All Porsche race cars come from the factory with adjustable rear links, so yours should too.

These tie rods are inspired by the rod ends found on the 997.2 Porsche GT3 Cup cars.  With the pinch style locking, they provide easy alignment and avoid the issues found with the typical jam nut style.  No more change of alignment with you synch down the jam nut.  Alignment stays where you set it.  Because the jam nut is not part of the assembly, there is significantly more alignment adjustment available.

The pin which attaches to the wheel upright is inspired by the simple design found on the 997.2 Porsche GT3 Cup car as well. 

The threaded sleeve are made from high strength 7075 aluminum. 7075 aluminum has almost double the strength of 6061 aluminum which is found on most all of our competitors products.

The rod ends used are not only precision grade 3-piece Teflon lined spherical rod ends, but they are also high strength, which is the same as the Porsche GT3 Cup. 


This product has hex drive on the top of the ball joint pin rather than a slot to make installation and removal easier and safer.


Dust and dirt boots now included. 


Choose from the following:


Bump steer style:  Bump steer style provides you with a longer pin and more adjustablity to correct more bump steer as needed.

997 Cup style:  The 997 Cup came with a shorter pin to provide clearance between the upright and the inner of the wheel.  So, choose this style if you have a 997 Cup or feel that you may have wheel clearance issues.


Porsche GT3 Cup Car Front and Rear Replacement Toe Links - YouTube

Sold as a pair

Replaces 997.2 cup part number 997.331.045.9E


Fits:986, 996, 987 & 997 MODELS INCLUDING TURBO & GT3/GT3RS and Cup




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