KMP Paddle Shifter for Porsche GT3 Cup 997
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KMP Paddle Shifter for Porsche GT3 Cup 997

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Only K-M-P allows you to choose between gearbox mounted actuated shifting which entirely replaces the factory Porsche shift lever, cables and mechanics for the fastest shifting and lowest weight (Leverless system) or you may keep the factory shifter incab for redundancy (Lever system).



This system was pulled from a good running 997.1 cup car.

updated control unit shifter-less system with air shifter at the transmission.


KMP Paddleshift benifits are significant: 

  • Driver can completely focus on driving and doesnt need to worry about the clutch and gearlever.

  • Drivers hands stay on the wheel for ultimate car control

  • Clutch-less operation and auto-blip makes "heel and toe" unnecessary 

  • Improved gearbox life means lower cost of ownership - customers have seen a 50%+ increase in service life before needing a rebuild. Intergrated smart logic combined with system safety features allow precise shifting control.

  • "Plug and Play" system is a direct fit for the Porsche 997 with no extra engineering or custom installation work needed. 

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