Hubstands Pro Plus Roller Ball Set Up Stands
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Hubstands Pro Plus Roller Ball Set Up Stands

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Complete Wheels-Free Set Ups. Corner Balance, Thrust, Caster, Camber and Toe; right at the Hubs and all at once.  Faster, Far More Precise.

HUBStands brand hub stands, you only need to take the wheels off once to Corner Balance, Align and completely Set Up your car, measuring and precisely setting everything directly at each hub.

Standard HUBStands brand hub stands are individually height adjustable and completely suspension compliant with built-in Side Slip and Turn Plate technology. This proprietary system allows the standard HUBStands to lean, side slip and turn on its large stable base so you can measure, height, balance, caster, camber and toe with repeatable precision.

HUBStands come as a full set of 4 with interchangeable, multi-pattern Hub Plates and 4 stainless steel Toe Sticks. Each set of height adjustable HUBStands will fit three different bolt patterns. HUBStands are available to fit any 4, 5 or 6 lug hubs. Suspension compliant HUBStands are precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and work with cars up to 3700 lbs.

HUBStands were developed in conjunction with the University of Buffalo and are made in the USA.

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PRO PLUS HUB Stands have Omni-Directional Roller Ball bases to get the most precise, accurate and repeatable set ups possible on any race or track car.

The proprietary high impact resistant steel roller ball bases are adjustable for scrub radius, wheel setbacks and offsets from 0mm to 90mm; providing suspension compliance at the contact patch load center.

Infinitely height adjustable to precisely match tire sizes from 21.25” to 29.5”. On PRO PLUS HUBStands you will maintain repeatable measurement tolerances for camber to within 0.01 degrees, Toe within 0.1 minute and height to within 0.01mm.

On a set of Pro PLUS HUBStands, everything can be set directly at each hub. With PRO PLUS HUBStands, you take the wheels off once and eliminate all of the inherent tire variances and all of the pushing, rolling and wheel wrestling.

The Pro PLUS HUBStands come complete as a set of 4 with:

  • Height and scrub adjustable roller ball bases
  • 4 x Pro Hub Plates
  • 4 x Toe Sticks
  • Stub extensions
  • 4 Pro Anti-Roll off Safety Plates

Adapter collars for the 996 through 991 cup cars are available separately.

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