Double Height Jack Stands  GT3 Cup
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Double Height Jack Stands GT3 Cup

Price: $1,600.00
  • Item #: dsm-SJS
  • Manufacturer: DSM
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These jack stands have welded steel construction.  This makes for a much more durable set of jack stands.

At the second height, these will have your car over a foot and a half in the air.

They have hard coat anodized aluminum plates at the top and the bottom.  So, this means contact with each other, the air jack itself (if you were to bump it while you are putting up or down would still be aluminum to aluminum contact so you do not harm your jack stand)

The aluminum faces are replaceable, so after time when they get scared up, you can buy a new set and replace them to make the stands fresh again.

They have 3 pins that nest the upper and lower stands together.  This makes for very positive locking

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