Centerlock Wheel - Central Bolt - Porsche GT3 Cup 996/997.1

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  • Item #: DL-CLB
  • Manufacturer: DSM
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Cup Stub Axle Centerlock Central Axle Bolt.  This is a wear item and the threads will flow outward after continuous torquing.  Don't wait for a failure! 

Made from High Strength 4140 Steel Alloy Heat Treated.

After wear and tear has taken its toll on the center bolt, the threads can become deformed.  This is an item that should be changed frequently. 

The second and third pictures were taken of a used factory center bolt.  These threads should be symetrical, but instead they are deformed 50% in the direction of the wheel nut.  Deformed threads not only are a risk of failure, but they do not provide the same clamp load at the same torque as a non-damaged part.

Replaces factory part number 996.331.671.90

Fits: 996/997.1 Cup Cars with Centerlock Wheels


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