Cayman 987.1 | Splitter | Flat Bottom

Price: $1,300.00
  • Item #: JTC-Sec-FB-split
  • Manufacturer: Joe Toth Composites
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Joe Toth Composites has taken the sectional splitter to the next level.  Previous splitters that JTC has created have been lip splitters, while this helps with downforce and keeps air from going under the car a flat bottom will dramatically increase the downforce that you will get out of the splitter.  

With ducting up into the wheel well, this splitter will also help exit as much as as it can to the wheel well and add to brake cooling at the same time.  These ducts will also act as front diffusers to create negative pressure, and therefore create downforce in the front of the car.

This splitter is the ultimate in front end downforce for your Cayman.  

This version of the splitter is the money saving multi piece sectional design. 

First as an example shipping the new splitter in a much smaller box than the original one piece design cuts shipping significantly.

Secondly if the splitter does get damaged only that portion of the splitter needs to be replaced again saving cost of the replacing only the damaged section and shipping.


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