Brake Caliper Ceramic Disc Puck Replacements
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Brake Caliper Ceramic Disc Puck Replacements

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This product replaces the ceramic discs found in the GT3 and Cup cars for the 996 and 997.

The original ceramic discs are fragile and can chip or disintegrate all together.

At Demon Speed we have worked very hard to identify a replacement material for these discs.  We have done research and experimentation.  Experimentation both in the lab and on the track.  Results are that after testing dozens of different materials we have found a material which gives us the same caliper temperature reading as the original parts at a reasonable price.

We have looked at potentially supplying a brake piston which would be a one piece design, but there is a reason that Porsche has made them this way and we agree with the original design.  The original design uses aluminum pistons with a hardened coating.  This allows the piston to expand and contract at the same rate as the caliper because they are made from the same materials.  Replacing with titanium or stainless steel would allow the caliper to expand to a larger size than the piston and would create a larger clearance at braking temperatures than was intended.  Also, eliminating the insulating puck and having a one piece design would allow your caliper to see all of the heat of the pads and the rotors and have a higher likelihood of boiling the fluid.

You may choose to replace a single disc or the full caliper.  We would recommend to replace the entire caliper at once.  The caliper choice is each caliper, so if you want to do the whole car, you need to choose 2 fronts and 2 rears.

The following are sizes for the caliper pistons for the different models

996 Cup - Early    Front 44/36           Rear  30/28

996 Cup - Late     Front 38/32/28      Rear  30/28

997 Cup               Front 32/30/28      Rear  34/34

996 GT3               Front 38/32/28     Rear  28/32

997 GT3               Front 32/30/28     Rear  34/34

997.1 Turbo          Front 28/32/38     Rear  34/34

997.2 Turbo          Front                   Rear  34/34

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