Custom Wing Uprights
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Custom Wing Uprights

Price: $545.00
  • Item #: WU-Custom
  • Manufacturer: DSM
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Wing Upright.

This item is for a CUSTOM wing Uprights.  Any of the designs and height wing upright that we sell.  Only with your pattern laser jet cut into the side.

If you want to have your name, your car number, your personal logo... Pretty much anything that you can imagine cut in the uprights.

Allow 4 week lead time for completion of the uprights.

Design must be reviewed and approved for cutting by shop.

No returns for custom uprights.


Sold in pairs.

Stock height and mid height nuclear symbol styles are made from the same 5mm thickness material as stock, All other uprights are made from 5mm thickness material to add strength and regidity for the taller height.

The higher the wing is on the car, the cleaner the air it sees.  A wing in clean air will produce the same downforce at less of an angle allowing you to run less wing and less drag for the same amount of downforce, or create more downforce than possible with a shorter upright.

Laserjet cut from aluminum, professionally powdercoated for long life and durability.

Fits:  All 996 and 997.1 GT3 Cup


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